Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hot Water Pressure Washers vs. Cold Water Pressure Washers


What advantage does a hot water pressure washer have versus a cold water pressure washer? Well it ultimately comes down to time savings. A hot water pressure washer will out perform a cold water pressure washer about 3 to 1. The hot water will help cut through many different dirts and debris that the cold water will not. Hot water will melt and breakdown oils, grease and organics that cold water will just flush over. A couple good analogies that I use to explain these differences to the everyday person are the following:

Washing off dirty dishes, pots and pans- When you hand wash your dishes, pot and pans in your kitchen sink, you almost always use hot water to help breakdown and melt off the baked on food particles and oil/grease residue. By just using cold water, the food particles will just stay put and the oil and grease will just spread out over the dish. If cold water is your only option, you do more scrubbing to remove the debris or you incorporate some type of detergent to help in the breakdown of the unwanted particles and especially the oil and grease. Hot water makes much more sense to aid in the cleaning process cutting your time and effort.

Washing your hands- The same thing applies to hand washing. The cold water just doesn't get the job done, especially if you have grease or oil residue on your hands. So, when cold water is the only option, it's time to break out the costly heavy duty hand cleaner and a couple of squirts in the hands along with extra scrubbing and even the cold water still doesn't really rinse everything off that well. The hot water really makes much more sense, again cutting and melting away the dirt and debris. Using the hot water will minimize and in most cases even elimate using the heavy duty hand soap.

Hot water pressure washing also has the ability to santize the item that you are cleaning. In some cleaning processes especially the food industry, santizing is a requirement and hot water pressure washing is the solution to get it done quickly and efficiently.

A guide that we have always used in comparing the power and cleaning ability of a hot water pressure washer to a cold water pressure washer is the following:

A hot water pressure washer operating at 2 gallons per minute(GPM) and 1200 pounds per square inch(PSI) will out perform a cold water pressure washer operating at 4GPM and 3500PSI. The hot water unit will do a better job at deep cleaning the surfaces and in roughly the same amount of time frame.

When looking to purchase or renting a power washer or pressure washer consider spending the extra money up front for a hot water unit versus a cold water unit, the type of cleaning you are doing and the amount of time you will spend cleaning. A hot water pressure washer can really be a better investment than a cold water pressure washer. For more information please contact our sales staff at Aquatech-USA.com or toll free at 1-800-564-6879.


Friday, November 11, 2016


We want to thank all of our Veterans for their service and dedication. We are grateful for your sacrifices and devotion to protecting our FREEDOMS to be AMERICANS! We especially want to thank our past and present employees who served, Jim Mastrian, John Kimble and Howard Morpeth. Remember to thank our Vets not just on Veteran's Day but continually and often! It's the least we can do!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Be careful buying from a box store, a mail order catalog or from an online company can come back to haunt you.
Please remember to support local small businesses. You might pay more for a locally purchased item from a small family owned business but that extra money that you pay up front is a good investment for the future. It helps you build a relationship with a service center who can offer parts, maintenance supplies, warranty and accessories that will suit your needs.
A good local merchant will have valued experience in selling you the right piece of equipment, the first time and will offer to demonstrate the equipment before you part with your hard earned cash. They will pre-assemble and test run the equipment and then train their customers on how to properly operate and maintain the equipment. A respectable service center should also offer local pick up/delivery, on site service repair, loaner equipment programs and maintenance contracts. You won't get that from an online internet, catalog or box store purchase.
Another benefit is that you keep your dollars within your local community, which in turn, helps keep neighbors employed, keeps businesses in storefronts, which helps keep taxes lower and that saves you money in the long run.
The bottom line is that the old adage is true, you get what you pay for.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Independence Day

Remember what our independence is all about on July 4th. A lot of people have fought many a battle for our freedom in this country! Don't let anyone take it away from us!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not Going to take it anymore!

Do NOT buy any parts or items manufactured by Black & Decker or Dewalt! They are rip off artist. I purchased pumps from them as a Authorized Repair Center and despite the pumps being on my shelf for a few years they were new in the box. The... last two that I had in stock BOTH leaked right out of the box. I called to get a credit or some type of satisfaction and they said the item only has a 30 days warranty from when purchased. Now I'm out over $200 and that's that. So I'm letting everyone I know that I done supporting a company or product that doesn't support me! We just shouldn't have to stand for this type of stuff anymore!!!!!